An Entrepreneur Spirit! #somejustdontgetit
Flawless….We woke up like this!
08Bonnie and Clyde! Don’t mess with us!
I feel a huge burden lifted off my shoulders! I know what I’m going to do!

The new loves of my life 😍 @senso
I’m feeling my fro! What can I say! I wore it big and proud today! I don’t do that often enough!
As I’m sitting here thinking about how I need to make a change, I open my fortune and what do I see! GOD is saying just hold on a little while longer and I will take care of everything!  All will be unveiled soon! #nomorestruggling #changeiscoming
The Bible says without vision the people will perish! I’ve been working on my vision board for a couple of months now! I am so happy I decided to do this! Seeing all of my dreams and aspirations make me work that much harder each and everyday!  :)
The Truth

Death is one of those hard things for me! As I’m sure it is for everyone. I often find myself at a loss of words when it comes to someone close to me passing away! I don’t know what to say or how to say it! I’m a big person on timing! There is a time and a place to say things! But, honestly when is the right time to say someone close to me died? So sometimes I don’t say anything because I spend so long thinking about when and how I am going to say this, nothing ever comes out! This year I’ve been trying to work on myself and embrace change, because I like some change but not all change. So I am taking this step to see death as not an ending just a new beginning! So to my Grandpa Ray, may you rest in peace and watch Cardinals games from heaven and enjoy this new adventure! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW! Thank you for all of the great memories! You will forever be in my heart! Love, Bad Baby!

Girls Like Us


I don’t dream a lot but when I do it will set on fire,
crash and burn
and change my life forever.
Girls like me don’t get to dream
Or live our dreams.
We don’t get faithfulness
Or youth
We age fast and aimlessly
We get gray hair at 21
Our hearts pump and pump and pump as
We watch others and
endure the hardship they couldn’t handle.

I guess we were made for suffering.
We were made for enduring
We were made for fighting wars
Within the world
Within ourselves.

The Top 50 Cities to See in Your Lifetime

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I’m here for black girls who inspire and uplift one another.

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